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The program for the Learning • Technology • Design 2017 virtual conference was built based on input from learning professionals about their top challenges and opportunities and the insight gleaned from Tagoras’s years of working with organizations in the business of lifelong learning. Here you see a high-level schedule as well as the topics offered at Learning • Technology • Design 2017. Click the titles below to learn more about the sessions and who delivered them. A detailed calendar-view schedule for Learning • Technology • Design 2017 is also available on the Schedule page. While registration for LTD 2017 is over, you can get notified when registration opens for LTD 2018.


Opening and Closing Sessions

Jeff Cobb and Celisa Steele, creators of Learning • Technology • Design, offered brief opening and closing sessions on March 1 and March 2 to bookend the days. These sessions help prime participants for what’s to come and process what they’ve learned.

Platform and Product Demonstrations

Companies offering learning products and services are an integral part of the landscape, so the third day of LTD (March 3) was reserved for demonstrations, allowing LTD participants to learn more about platform and product options. Additionally, participating companies have booths in a virtual exhibit hall available. Access to the virtual exhibit hall is available as well as access to recordings of the demos.

High-Level Overview

Learning • Technology • Design 2017 took place March 1-3, Wednesday through Friday, and access to the recordings was available through May 31. While LTD 2017 has concluded, you can sign up to get notified when registration opens for LTD 2018.

The first two days (March 1 and 2) were devoted to educational sessions. The third day (March 3) was reserved for virtual demonstrations by 10 participating companies.

See the schedule for a more detailed look at the sessions that make up Learning • Technology • Design 2017.