is proud to support LTD 2020.

ReviewMyLMS is proud to sponsor LTD 2020.

ReviewMyLMSWhether you are a large, complex organization or a solo edupreneur, you probably recognize that there is great potential in the market for online courses and other types of education experiences for adult learners. But the kinds of learning management systems (LMSes) used by corporate training departments and academic institutions are a lousy fit for this market. Many are extremely complex and expensive, they aren’t built to manage things like continuing education credit, and, worst of all, they really aren’t built to support marketing and selling.

ReviewMyLMS is a review site focused specifically on marketing-facing learning businesses and the learning management systems that power them. These learning businesses include, but are not limited to, trade and professional associations, training firms, continuing education divisions at colleges and universities, and solo edupreneurs (in other words, the same organizations LTD is designed to help). This niche focus provides valuable information to prospective LMS customers about real users’ experience with various LMSes. The site works on a pay-it-forward basis; once you give a review on your LMS, you can then read the reviews of others. If you can’t (or don’t want to) give a review, you can purchase a subscription to read reviews without providing a review.

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