Empowering Learning Through Engagement and Community Building

Rachel Happe
27 Feb 2020
15:30 - 16:45 EST

Empowering Learning Through Engagement and Community Building

At their best, communities are just-in-time learning environments that allow members and customers to address challenges and access the support they need in the flow of work. Yet community dynamics, business models, and management are still poorly understood and implemented. Consequently, investments in community success are hard to come by and ROI often remains elusive. The Community Roundtable has been researching communities for the past decade and now has a wealth of data and examples to share.

This session will cover how to define, manage, and measure communities, the strategic ways organizations should think about and implement communities, and what successful communities look like.

As an active participant in this session, you’ll learn:

  • Why communities are becoming a strategic imperative for learning businesses
  • How communities improve learning, change, and innovation
  • The value of communities and community management

This session will be led by Rachel Happe, co-founder and principal at The Community Roundtable. Read Rachel’s full bio.