A collection of brief videos to help attendees get the most out of LTD 2020.

Video #1 – Welcome to LTD 2020

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Video #2 – The Conference Planner

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  • We’ve created a brief Conference Planner for the event. This includes:
    • Tips for getting the most out of the event
    • Suggestions for attending as a team
    • How to claim CAE credit
    • An abbreviated version of the LTD 2020 program
    • (Note: The Conference Planner mentions and links to the Leading Learning Community. We will send information soon on how to access the community.)
  • We also highlight the LTD 2020 Patrons

Video #3 – The Learning Business

Video highlights

  • We discuss the overarching theme for LTD 2020: the learning business
  • We encourage you to reflect on the question “What does it mean to you to be in the learning business?”
  • For more on the learning business, listen to this episode of Leading Learning
  • On social media we encourage you to use the hashtags #learningbusiness and #LTD2020

Video #4 – The Leading Learning Community

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The Leading Learning Community offers:

  • The opportunity to connect with other practitioners and experts from across a variety of different learning businesses
  • The ability to ask the two of us about any areas you are looking for help with in your learning business. We’ve spent well over a decade advising a wide range of learning businesses – not to mention running our own. There’s a very good chance that we can offer a useful perspective or point you to resources for just about any challenge or opportunity you are facing.
  • Access to recordings from LTD 2020 as well as to recordings from the three previous years of the event and many of the Webinars we have hosted on learning business topics.

Check your inbox for an e-mail from with the subject line “[LTD 2020] How to access the Leading Learning community” for details on how you can log into the community today. If you don’t see that e-mail anywhere, please contact us.

Video #5 – Mind the Gap Day and Follow-Up Friday

Video Highlights

  • LTD 2020 includes what we are calling Mind the Gap day on Wednesday, February 26. This is an opportunity to reflect on and perhaps apply some of what you learned on Tuesday, plan for Thursday, and maybe just enjoy a little down time to help your brain process.
  • On February 28 from 12:00 noon to 1:30 pm Eastern we’ll host Follow-Up Friday. This un-session will focus on whatever you and other LTD participants want to discuss, share, and ask. We’ll facilitate the Follow-Up Friday discussion, and we’ll come prepared with some prompting questions—but we’re especially interested in going where you want