What 2016 Participants Have to Say About LTD

We think Learning • Technology • Design is the best event available to professionals working in the business of lifelong learning—but you don’t take our word for it. See the videos and text below for what participants at LTD 2016 have to say about the experience and its value. In 2016, LTD was a two-day, face-to-face event. In 2017, it was a three-day virtual conference, expanding the event’s reach and hewing even closer to the goal of exploring the effective use of technology for learning. While LTD 2017 has concluded, you can sign up to be notified when registration opens for LTD 2018.

Tiffany Crosby, Senior Manager of Learning, Ohio Society of CPAs

Carol Abel, Vice President of Learning, Food Marketing Institute

Tadu Yimam, Director of Online Learning, National Association of College and University Business Officers

“Attending LTD with Tagoras gives me an opportunity to learn from other like minded professionals. Gaining practical take-aways from each other’s successes and failures is invaluable.”

Stephanie Owen, Director of Education, National Wood Flooring Association
Stephanie Owen

“It was a wonderful experience. I loved the ability to network with fellow association professionals in the learning. You can see we all have similar problems and struggles, and we can learn from each other. My time at LTD was invaluable.”

Adam Larson, Senior Manager of Educational Technology Enablement, Institute of Management Accountants
Adam Larson

“This event provides the opportunity to use other association programs as a mirror for what our program can become.”

Carol Hodes, Executive Director, Knowledge Management, NIGP: The Institute for Public Procurement
Carol Hodes

“I have looked to Tagoras throughout my career in nonprofit education to provide guidance and cutting-edge solutions to learning challenges. The Learning • Technology • Design conference provided a concentrated and focused opportunity to absorb new information, share solutions, and connect with my ‘tribe’ of nonprofit education professionals.”

Laurel Blaydes, Manager, Education Programs and Services, Heart Rhythm Society

“Attending LTD was a great decision for me and my organization for two reasons: the conference focused both on core knowledge an association must have to be successful and on trends and hot topics in learning that can give you an edge. Whether you are a beginner or an old hat in this field, there is valuable knowledge and networking to be had. I can’t recommend this conference enough and was thrilled to be able to attend.”

Jackie Coffman, Education Content Specialist, National Wood Flooring Association

“This is a one-of-a-kind event focused on timely and relevant educational offerings in the association market. I left the event with solid strategies to approach our current offerings and great ideas of how to move forward with new projects.”

Chasity Burns, Education Manager, SHAPE America

“If you are a learning professional that supports association members, this conference is a must! Specific, actionable ideas that you can implement the minute you return to your desk.”

Kathy Zottmann, Senior Instructional Designer, Mortgage Bankers Association

“LTD was a great way to get exposure to new ways of thinking and how it is working in the field. It opened my eyes to ways in which I can better serve our audience.”

Cindy Thomas, Director, Clinical Leadership and Cooperative Agreement Management, National Association of Community Health Centers

“This is the best place to learn the latest trends and get practical, how-to tips from dedicated, association e-learning leaders.”

Michelle Butler, Executive Director, International Society for Advancement of Cytometry

“I came away with so many ideas and new perspectives on issues I’ve been facing.”

Laura Kisthardt, Continuing Legal Education Coordinator, National School Boards Association

“I’m looking forward to LTD 2017!”

Stephen McKenzie, Director, Educational Affairs, Association of American Medical Colleges

“The quality of speakers and sheer number of takeaway ideas was outstanding.”

LTD 2016 participant

“The exchange of ideas will fuel your passion to apply what you learn and achieve more!”

LTD 2016 participant

“You need to attend. This event is practical, insightful, and fun—perfect for inspiration and learning how associations can develop better learning technology.”

LTD 2016 participant

LTD 2017 has concluded, but you can get notified when registration opens for LTD 2018.