Aligning Career Paths with an Emerging Talent Pool

Veronica Diaz
27 Feb 2020
14:15 - 15:00 EST

Aligning Career Paths with an Emerging Talent Pool

Learners increasingly demand competency-based, personalized learning that scales and is affordable. In response, EDUCAUSE implemented microcredentialed career pathways that can be reconfigured to suit a number of development needs and can be delivered online or face to face.

In tandem with its new learning pathways, EDUCAUSE launched a microcredentialing platform that showcases the skills its learners achieve through their experiences and then links those skills to the labor market, positions, companies, additional skills needed to advance learners’ careers, and resources for continued learning.

This session offers a practical look at the process EDUCAUSE uses to align its competency-based learning with the needs of the future IT higher education workforce and to create microcredentials that scaffold the learning experience and make connections to current and future employers. As an active participant, you’ll learn how the model supports career pathing at multiple professional levels and helps guide content development and organization—and it’s a model you can replicate in your organization.

Veronica Diaz, director of professional learning at EDUCAUSE, will lead this session. Read Veronica’s full bio.