Sharing Talent and Content Across the Organization

Nick Olig
25 Feb 2020
12:00 - 12:45 EST

Sharing Talent and Content Across the Organization

It’s all too common for learning businesses to be siloed and staff to get cut off from each other. Projects are developed in a vacuum. People feel out of the loop and frustrated. And the organization isn’t able to capitalize fully on what it knows to produce high-value education offerings that resonate with learners.

Help your organization work together. In this session, you’ll find tips that can help you break down silos and create a sharing environment.

  • Take advantage of internal talent across the organization to identify topics of interest to your audience and develop free resources, such as podcasts and blog posts.
  • Use social media and analytics as an indicator of potential success for a learning product on a topic.
  • Drive success through greater exposure for your offerings and cross-marketing.

Join Nick Olig, director of online learning at the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans, as he shares lessons learned and provides practical guidance for how you can increase the capacity and impact of your learning business.

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